Saskatoon Wedding & Special Event DJ - Spotify Music Playlist Ideas

Saskatoon Wedding & Special Event DJ - Spotify Music Playlist Ideas

The perfect playlist can exist if being operated by someone who is able to read the room. People and dancefloors are a living,breathing, organic and evolving thing. If a break dance circle or soul train line starts, but the next song on the playlist is doesn't’ match, the moment is GONE. A DJ can not only see and adapt to those moments, but they can also MC and hype the crowd up. They can mix the music so it’s a continual flow with no Spotify pauses between songs. You can either delegate somebody be the “button pusher” all night OR you can hire a Wedding  DJ who adds so much more value!  

Saskatoon DJ  Spotify Playlist

Here are some secret tips on how to be a party science expert.


This can include asking the organizer what they think their guests want to hear. Knowing the theme of the event. Like a rodeo cabaret where it’s most likely heavy country music, to a Y2K throwback party where you will need all the one hit wonders and hidden gems from those artists and have them ready at a moment notice.

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Try asking your guests “what song will get you up and dancing” on your wedding invites wedding invites. This helps you or your Saskatoon DJ understand what your guests want and can make any adjustments from what you also want to hear. It can also be passed on to us as a DJ and we can use our experience to play the songs that are certified party anthems.


Taking guests requests has never been easier...from the old school Pen & Paper Request Forms, QR Codes. This will have a big impact on what you play and when you play certain songs. Here is a guideline to follow, as not all requests are equal. 

Saskatoon DJ Requests

First - If it’s a dance party, the song should be fun, upbeat, and “danceable”. Certain songs may be good to sing in your car, or around the campfire, but a good DJ’s knows which songs will clear the dancefloor.

Second - The request should benefit a large portion of the crowd. Meaning it’s not a song that is just one person’s favourite song. This doesn’t mean you can’t spice it up once in a while, but that is usually after you have pulled people out of their seat and they have trusted you to keep them dancing. If you spice it up too early or too much you risk clearing the dance floor.  


Timing of certain songs needs to be done just right. It would be out of place to play “Turn Down for What” at 9pm when the dance is just getting started, just like it would be out of place to play a Slow Waltz at 12:30am. To a degree, the same thing goes when organizing the flow your music. Hearing a pop song, next to a rap song, next to a country song, next to a rock song is not only jerky in flow but confuses guests.

Many people use the “3 song set” approach, meaning you play 3 songs of one genre and then switch to the next style of music. This is in an effort to please multiple people.If you are playing a Top 40 “set” look at the crowd...are they dancing...if so keep going...just because you have played 1-2-3 or more songs doesn’t matter.


Do it yourself DJ

Not wanting a wedding DJ? Armed with Harmony offers DIY DJ Packages for all you Saskatoon Brides on a Budget. Whether it’s wireless handheld microphone, or DJ Equipment Rentals, or speakers, or lighting, or awesome Spotify playlists, armed with harmony has you covered.       

Now that you are armed with the knowledge to be a great music selector you have the tools to make the perfect playlist for you and your guests…. Why? Because YOU know them better than anyone.

I hope this helped! If you are now an aspiring DJ, Armed with Harmony also offers a FREE 8x Week DJ School. Or you can just Follow us on SPOTIFY and enjoy the freebies! 

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