Saskatoon Saskatchewan FM Radio Transmitter Rental

We can show you how to broadcast audio to people's car stereo in Saskatoon & Area for a movie, worship service or drive in concert.  Having a professional grade FM Radio Transmitter will make all the difference.
Some of the key features are below. Contact us For A Quote Today

We can show you how to SPLIT the audio signal so you can control the volume in people's car's and still be able to control any speakers separatle
Comes in small/light carrying case with small antenna
User programmable frequency
User programmable RF power level
LED display for frequency and RF power level
Tuning lock indicator
Coverage of 2.5km +
Hi-Fi audio
Adjustable input level with normal and over modulation indicators
Selectable bass boost and mono/stereo operation
True Stereo Sound
Unbalanced (mono 1/4-F) and balanced (XLR3-F) inputs
Combined audio input connectors (1/4-F and XLR3-F)