We've Got You Covered

We take ourselves serious so you can just enjoy! What does this mean to you? Before for hire a provider you should ask to see the follwing info, on top of reviews etc.

We are registred and insured with:
  •  Saskatoon Business License + Information Services Corp / ISC are a real Corporation & Registered Namesake.
     - every lejit business needs at least a local business license

  •  WCB / Workers Compensation Board
     - our team is covered should something happen at one of our events

  •  Canadian Disc Jockey Association / CDJA
      - You and your guests are covered by 2 Million Dollar Liability Insurance should something happen at one of our events.

  •  Connect Music (Formerley AVLA)
      - We have the legal right to play recorded music & video at your event and the artists get recognized for their work.

  • Multiple Safety Training Certificates For Staff (Fall Arrest, Areal Work Platform, Rigging etc)
     - this means we put YOUR safety first with our trained team.

  • We use only certited products that are either CSA Approved, IFR (Flame Retardant), or Test Seal Approved
     - this means high quaity and safe prodicts for your events

Saskatoon Wedding Dj  Business License 2024

Connect Music Licensed
Saskatoon Wedding  Event DJ  Armed With Harmony  Connect Music DJ License 2023 2024
Fall Protection/Areald Work Platform Certified Oct 2022 (Good For 3 Years)
Northern Strands Rigging Course Certified Nov 2022 (Good For 3 Years)
Continental Rigging & Chain Course

Another Year Accident Free

Fire Proof Drape



Sparkular Apprival

Official Vendor Of Prince Albert National Park - Waskiseu
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