Setting The New Standard In Weddings and Events!


- Our DJ’s are trained by an award-winning local career DJ, who’s still active and relevant.
- DJ’s Between Age 21-37. Old Enough To Have Experience, Young Enough To Still Be Cool. Trained by someone who IS a DJ. We also understand that like in any job experience is earned and we are transparent with you based on your event needs.
- We do SO much more than just weddings. We play regularly in clubs, schools and private events. Time and Time again our DJ/Talent is requested for large scale events like Mock Wedding, Professional Sports Teams, Calgary Stampede and more just to “DJ” only based off their skill.
- DJs who control the crowd. We don’t take away your spotlight, but wouldn’t it be weird if your band or performer was stuffed off on the site and there was just a sound system in the middle of the room? We think so too! That is why our dj’s are out front, so we can interact with you and your guests, take requests, be able to read the room and rock the house. Just like any great performer would.
- We can beat-mix, and more importantly know when not to mix, what/when to play specific songs and when to make announcements. Music selection is KEY for all events. We don’t just push play.
- We put request forms on ALL your guests’ tables. We can do this digitally via our app also!
- We understand that for many the Chicken Dance is not cool anymore.
- However we have a 24/7 accessible personal to you online event planning portal that includes must play/do not play songs even if you still want to hear classic wedding cheese, the chicken dance or want to make changes at 2am. We designed it from the ground up and have made sure it included every aspect of your event with 1,000s of real events.
- In Person/Virtual Planning Meeting. The steps leading up to your event as just as important as the execution on the day of the event. Share your vision and let us create it. We have a passion for events and supporting the people planning them.
- We are a 1 Stop Shop for your entertainment needs. Sound, Lighting, Video, Photo Booths, SFX, Music & More.
We are active on social media and our website with real photos from our own real world events in YXE and around Saskatchewan! No Stock Photos allowed.
- Industry quality, new, maintained, and updated gear. We rely on this, so you can rely on us!
- We have VIDEO Tutorials on YouTube that shows you exactly what all of our packages look like, that way you know EXACTLYT what you are getting. Plus we also make custom packages as no event or venue is the same, and with our experience of all venues in Saskatoon and area we can share the tips and tricks of what works and doesn’t work for each venue, from load in, to floor plan.
- We have numerous local, industry, peer, online awards from credible sources like Wedding Wire, Planet S, Review sites and more. We wish we could make this stuff up, but it’s all true! We thank YOU for your support!
- We don’t have a store front, and we are proud of that. We have been looking for a commercial storefront/property for about 5 years. They ALL want a minimum 3 year commitment of $35,000+ ($100,000+ over 3 years) and we would have to work those overhead costs into our services. We pride ourselves in being competitively priced. We decided on a moderately priced storage only facility. We also love the flexibility of being able to meet you online, for a casual coffee or even coming to you and/or a venue site visit! We know that can save you time and money. You are busy planning all other aspects of your event with many other vendors and are happy to share the load.