Our team consistently plays the biggest nightclubs, bars, pub's and lounges in the city.


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Over the years we have been priveliged to dj for the following venues in Saskatoon:


The Pat Nightclub (8 Years)
Sutherland Bar (7 Years)
Overdrive (6 Months Prior The Change Into Outlaws)
Outlaws (4 Years)
Hudsons (Since It Opened)
Cacrtus Club (3 Years)
Legacy/Twisted Tartan/JT's (2 Years)
Dublins (8 Years)
Hose & Hydrant + Patio (8 Years)
Shark Club (On And Off For 10 Years)
Ryly's/Tequila Night Club (Off On Off For 7 Years)


We have also  made guest appearances at:


The Free House