Nightclub Residencies


Nightclub Residencies
Our Djs have residencies in the local Saskatoon Nightclub & Entertainment scene, which means that they Dj every weekend and are always gaining valueable experience about the craft.


Friday: Sutherland Bar (Dj Anchor)
Saturday: Sutherland Bar (Dj Anchor)

Friday: Hudsons (Dj Haywire)
Saturday: Hudsons (Dj Haywire)

Friday: Outlaws (Dj NickLovin')
Saturday: Outlaws (Dj NickLovin')

Monday: Dublins (Dj Audio)
Tuesday: Dublins (Dj Audio)
Wednesday: Dublins (Dj Miss Mom3ntum)
Thursdays: Dublins (Dj Miss Mom3ntum)
Fridays: Dublins (Dj Audio)
Satruday: Dublins (Dj Miss Mom3ntum)
Sunday: Dublins (Dj Aux)

Hose & Hydrant
Sunday Patio: Rotating Dj's

Cactus Club
Thursday - (Dj JayDee)
Friday - (Dj Arioso/ Dj Audio)
Saturday - (Dj Jaydee/ Dj Jake)

Fionn MacCools
Special Events

Canadian Brewhouse 
Special Events
Pink Lounge & Nightclub
Saturday - (Dj Audio/ Dj Haywire)
The Twisted Tartan
Thursday- (Dj Aux)
Friday- (Dj Aux)