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Rental's & Unique Extra's

Unique Extra's & Rentals

Rentals  Unique Extras

Custom Grand Entrance

Rentals  Unique Extras

Custom Theme Grand Entrance
2x Gysers Effect Machines Either Side of Door, 8x Hand String Confetti Poppers (we clean up)
- 4x Themes To Pick From w/ Custom Scrips & Themed Music
- Wedding Party Entrance Prop Signs, Our DJ will Announce

LED LOVE Letter Rentals (pick up/return only)

Rentals  Unique Extras

LOVE Letters: (rental only. You pick up/return)
- 45 Inches Tall (3.75 Feet) White Letters w/ LED Lights Inside
- Colors: White, Amber & Yellow, Light & Dark Green, Dark & Light Blue, Magenta, Red, Orange,
- Movement: Auto Fade or Change Colors & Sound Active Mode Includes Remote Control
- Letters Plug In Via Standard 110 Wall Outlet with 1 Plug as each letter's power supply connects.

1st Dance Voice Over Recording
1st Dance Voice Over: (Audio In Song To Wife or Husband, Mom & Dad - Up To 4 Songs)

Bride To Her Mother

Kiss Wheel (Dry Erase)

Rentals  Unique Extras

Unique Extras  Rentals

Kiss Wheel (Dry Erase) (rental or DJ can bring)

Balloon Drop
Rentals  Unique Extras

Balloon Drop (200 Balloons) (We Deliver & Set Up)

Games: 8 To Choose From
- Name That Tune, Don't Forget The Lyrics, Family Feud, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Minute To Win It, Relay Races

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